Read Today, Lead

Our goal is provide quality after school programming that is fun, engaging, and educational for students all over Louisville.

We strive to empower students by teaching the five Social Emotional Competencies: Self- Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making, and Social Awareness.

We teach these skills by using a diverse collection of high-quality children’s books such as: Jabari Jumps, The Last Stop on Market Street, Those Shoes, Imagine, and many others!

After School Programming

Structured Literacy Interventions

We take pride in offering every student a safe and caring environment with opportunities

  • Whole group activities
  • One on One interventions
  • Phonological/Phonemic awareness
  • Decoding skills
  • Writing
  • Accelerated growth in literacy development

A day at camp

Temp Checks

We gauge our emotions using our feelings thermometers.


Snacks and/or light dinner provided at all sites!

Mindful Literacy

Mindful Literacy is a social emotional curriculum based in literacy. Learn important social skills as well as work on literacy skills such as: fluency, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension. Practiced through reading, playing games, doing art projects and having discussions with their peers.

Game Time

Students engage in outside, gym and structed board/card game and play time. 

Closing Temps

The day ends as it begins with time to discuss feelings emotions and announcements. 

After School Sites

Berrytown Community Center

1300 Heafer Rd, Louisville, KY 40223

Jacob Elementary

3701 Wheatmore Dr, Louisville, KY 40215

Parkhill Community Center

1703 S 13th St, Louisville, KY 40210

Sun Valley Community Center

6505 Bethany Ln, Valley Station, KY 40272


Have questions? Want to enroll your child? Want to work for us? Want to bring Read to lead to your location? Reach out!