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Together, we can create lasting, sustainable change. 

At I Would Rather Be Reading, we would not be able to fulfill our mission without the support of our dedicated volunteers! Join us in providing students with equitable access to education by volunteering with us. There are many ways you can get involved including student mentoring, event planning, and volunteering at one of our events.


Student Mentoring

Volunteer reading mentors help to equip students with the lifelong literacy skills that empower their learning. Currently, volunteers will be trained to assist students with NTI virtual work and to lead reading enrichment lessons one-on-one and in small group settings. Visit our NTI tab to learn more about the programs you could get involved in!

Event Planning

Do you enjoy planning events? We would love to have you on one of our event planning committees! This is a wonderful opportunity to get connected with like minded individuals while dedicating time to an important cause. Planning committee members meet regularly to plan events, divide up responsibilities, and meet to discuss progress. Depending on the event, planning committees could include: marketing, sponsorship, volunteer recruitment, or logistics committees. Visit our calendar to see upcoming events that you can get involved in!

Event Volunteers

Throughout the year, we host many fundraising events to support I Would Rather Be Reading programs. Volunteers are needed at these events to assist with everything from guest check-in to preparing gift baskets. Examples of opportunities for event volunteers include set up and take down, greeting guests, check in, preparing event materials such as gift baskets, and social media sharing. Visit our calendar to see upcoming events that you can get involved in!

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